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I became fascinated with financial independence and early retirement after I stumbled upon both concepts a few months ago. As a young professional, I found myself gravitating toward resources that could enlighten me on the topic over time. Though I enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts, I discovered that I (and most other people) gain more immersive insights on concepts in the FIRE space through conversations on Reddit. In fact, select subreddits present avenues to access a wider set of perspectives, on a wider range of topics, (and with a wider level of comic relief through trolls) than most Youtube videos, Spotify podcasts, and books I’ve studied do. Hence, I found myself on Reddit during the majority of my non-work hours.

Lately, I’d found it counterintuitive that to achieve financial independence, one must learn to manage time wisely (or have really good luck), and Youtube, Reddit, Spotify, and all the other apps I learn with are designed to keep users shut in (and it’s worked so far). IgniteFIRE was born out of an algorithm I built to pull out the most relevant financial conversations, news, videos, and podcasts each day into an automated report shared with me every evening. I’ve been doing this for a while now, love every bit of it, and was finally hoping to share it with everyone who cares to listen in this newsletter.

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I would always entertain (and appreciate) any feedback as I navigate through this. Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap! ENJOY.

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